Customers of all sizes are faced with a virtually endless demand for more voice and bandwidth from their users. With the popularity of end-user applications like streaming movies, video-conferencing, and VoIP services, carriers need regional service providers that help them stay in front of the competition.. Our experience and National network of carriers makes PMB the business of choice for independent agents and their customers.

  • Hardware / VoIP Offerings

    Hardware / VoIP Offerings

    Cloud Based "Hosted" Phone System No need to invest in equipment that will be outdated in 5 years and avoid…

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  • The Cloud

    The Cloud

    Public Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that want high elasticity and flexibility on demand—but at a lower cost…

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  • Network Services

    Network Services

    Voice Business Lines "Plain Old Telephone Service" POTS Lines. Business Lines provide basic access service and supply single line telephones,…

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